Spruce Stove for out door


Model Two
Spruce Stove Two is built for outdoor use. It is a perfect addition for a public terrace in the winter or you can use it in your own private garden on cold evenings. It is designed to warm up your outside leisure time. Enjoy the fire, the warmth and the physical experience of burning a whole tree trunk.

Compared to the first model, Model Two has a few new improvements. The fire in the stove is better visible, thanks to the higher placed and bigger diaphragmatic opening. Another new adjustment is the integrated chimney which measures more than two meters and leads the smoke away well beyond reach. Model Two is also easily moveable thanks to the front wheels, so you can easily place the heater wherever you need it. The body of the stove is entirely made of stainless steel, thereby it can not only withstand the heat of the fire but also prevents corrosion.

Technical details
width: 60 cm
depth: 80 cm
height: 235 cm
weight: 60 kg
material: stainless steel 304

It is very simple to use the Spruce Stove. To start, make a small fire using amber, twigs and small pieces of wood. When the fire is going you simply push the tree trunk gently through the opening. Keep adding extra pieces of wood in the beginning and keep an eye on the intensity of the fire. The wood needs to be sufficiently dried so heavy smoke is not a good sign. For regulating the fire you adjust the diaphragm. the wider the opening the more air it lets in and the faster the combustion of the wood goes. When you reduce the air intake by closing the diaphragm, you create an intense hot and simmering fire. Like every wood heater keep in mind when to stop. Slow down the fire by minimizing the fuel. To let the fire die out, stop pushing the tree inwards. And never leave a burning fire unattended!

Spruce Stove Model 2 € 4500,- incl BTW
You can order a Spruce Stove by e-mail: mail@sprucestove.com


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